I'M Back - My 6th Anniversary Celebration!!

Hello Sugarplums, Yayy I am back to blogging. Are you excited? YES? NO? Alright, I am excited though ;-)

I know I really took a huge break from blogging due to work, travel and family time. So, I couldn't get time to write but at least I tired to be constant on Instagram with pictures and some new stuff every time right!

My husband always says, don't do everything as a profession, some things has to be left to passion. So don't force your self to do something when you cannot and for the sake of others. Well he makes sense most of the times in my life - L2L (learned to listen) haha :-).

Here I am back to my passion and now I have been thinking what to write as a come back post. Well the fact is FNF is all about fashion and I don't want to write anything other than that :-D. How about my 6th anniversary celebration?

I think I can be more informative and also I received so many requests about the deets, which might help the readers if they have intentions to plan their anniversaries at home.

Alright, let's get started ...........

Unlike my 5th Anniversary, this was a simple yet class anniversaries we have celebrated so far. Took couple of months planning and few last minute changes helped us with an achievable party.

We are very much used to go for vacation during our anniversary but from past 2 years we are holding back on a romantic escape and spending some good time celebrating with our family and friends. Being the travel bugs, we couldn't sit quite without a vacation, hence there will be a vacation after celebration :-D

After few thoughts on how to celebrate this year - may be a cocktail party or a traditional pooja, we landed on doing a traditional pooja at our residence. (saved some bucks for my husband by not picking a private venue :-D)

The Decorations:

As most of you all know, we always hire our friends Frenzy-Beatz Entertainment for all our events and not to jinx, so far we never had a regretful moment and it was always my vision and their coordination worked perfectly for us! and hoping it will continue for the rest of all our occasions.

I was tired seeing drapes decorations and decided not to have drapes in my event this time. Hence I chose a Marigold Floral Theme with a green grass backdrop which gave the traditional look that I needed for my Pooja. Decorated one side of the room with grass backdrop (made sure to cover the whole white wall) with floral hangings and bells being arranged in the inner part of the backdrop. The up-lights focusing the backdrop is an additional jewel to the decoration. I also requested for a Lord Ganesh idol on to the other side of the room and decorated that space with the elephants, urli bowl and marigold flowers in front of the idol which helped the place to look traditional.

I went for all silver pooja items theme, so got silver stuff during my visit to India and borrowed few from my BFF (OCD about the details) ;-)

The Dresses:

As we decided to do pooja, I started my search for traditional pairing for both of us. Luckily we have JayC Couture in Virginia and she got Sailesh Singhania's kanjeevaram collection, which I loved and bought my saree. It is a complete gold tissue saree with no border but a hint of red thread work design that ran through the borders of the saree. My blouse was little experimental to the whole concept but I was pretty sure that I could pull it off. Thanks to Param Sahib for an amazing intricate blouse.

My husband outfit was a last minute idea to a pre-planned kurtha and my best friend Ila Couture did an amazing job in a very minimal time. She designed a traditional ikkat vest with hand embroidery running through the neck line and for the pocket hem. She made sure to match the vest color to my outfit and it blended perfectly with our decorations too. Well, she made it as a gift to my husband <3.

The Jewelry:

Most of you would have observed by now that I am a avid fan of statement pieces. The one I wore was planned purchase for this event from Sitara Jewellery which was a Sabyasachi inspired statement piece made in gold, polki diamonds, mini pearls and emeralds and I paired with Chandbalis from Bombay Jewellery.

My husband jewelry is from Tibarumals, a smart purchase that can be worn by me and him. I was afraid to ask him to wear this statement pendant haram but to my surprise and thanks to god he was easy to handle this time :-D

Last but the most important, our star photographer Vasista from Red Pictography, A very talented young man who became our family photographer and couldn't thank him enough for always being patient with the hosts and the guests.

I will rest my writings here and will now show you all the pictures that can speak million words.

Thanks for reading lovelies <3

XOXO <3 u all :-*

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