Wedding Season Part 1 :: A Guide to Indian Groom Jewelry

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Don’t be alarmed seeing the title of the post!! Indian groom jewelry has been around from the beginning of time as we know it. Started from the time of the Maharajas and the Mughals, the Modern-day groom is very conscious about his looks, outfits and perfection matters. Everyone these days are on a royal theme spree. They say that the bride is the real highlight at a wedding. Well, that’s right! But the groom still has every right to look his best at the wedding event. Who said men cannot wear necklaces? These traditional and stylish jewelry will not only enhance their overall appearance, but also accentuate the sophistication and charisma. With their perfect attires and smashing jewelry, grooms today are definitely giving tough competition to the beautiful brides.

Coming to the model for this post, It was like a "no where near to reality" kinda task for me to make my husband agree for this adventure (coz he considers it as a epic task). People who know him, never would have guessed that he would do something like this. Well, I told you guys in my previous post, I am good at convincing people mainly my mom and my husband. Even then it was not easy!

Here is what happened in the background!

It was a Sunday morning, and he was watching cricket as usual. I came down and said "look someone started his morning routine". He just smiled and continued his watch. It was "ugadhi" (Indian New Year) that day, so I got ready and started my pooja. I finished, but he still glued himself to the sofa watching cricket. India was batting and need 35 runs from 12 balls to win the match. It was the high probability of no win situation and there was no hope in the game. As I wanted to disturb him, I asked him impromptu, can u be a model for my upcoming post in FNF. And guess what he said? If india wins today, I will give a shoot with no questions asked.

First thing that ran in my mind was, Wowwww, that simple yayyyy. With immediate realization of WTF, India need 35 runs from 12 balls!!!!!!!! this is insane!!!! then I understood how smart my husband played me with his love for cricket. I am neutral to cricket but I sat with him in those tensed minutes, praying god for india to win. That was the last ball and india need 6 runs. Come on....... What are the odds??? and to my fortune, DK (Indian cricketer) HIT the freakin 6......hurreyyyyyy! I was actually shocked and my happiness has no limits. I forgot about the shoot for a moment and cheering for The Champions (A very well deserved win).... and hence I found my model, with out a question he did gave me a shoot for this post.

Having said that,

Fashion jewelry are considered as the inexpensive ways to look equally charming. Any kind of modern or ethnic outfit remains incomplete without the addition of the suitable type of accessories. And the fashion jewelry are the best ways to get the perfect look at affordable costs. Here I bring you all, some of jewelry that every Indian groom can possibly wear. When it comes to their kurthas or sherwanis, adding strings of chunky, uncut emeralds or layered strings of pearls and rubies will add that royalty factor.

So my lovely ladies, bring the shopping spree in you to shop fashion jewelry not only for you but also for your men and make them look strikingly handsome during your grand events!! Here are some option that I have for you......

1. Strands of Emeralds:

This is one statement jewelry that can uplift the attire like nothing else! Class, elegance, beauty, you name it and it has got it. There is no better way to add a royal touch to your attire than through a smartly selected five string necklace. Also, having one of the strings sporting a different design or stones from the others might be the secret that will further elevate the look.

2. Satlada Haar:

Bespoke the royalty in this look and wearing the ‘Satlada’ is a total verve . Layers of pearls, kundan pieces made this look regal, super elegant and sophisticated!

3. Traditional Temple:

These has become most popular in south indian weddings. Huge pendants attached to the strings of gold coins, flowers, rudraksha stones and Hindu deity figurines are often seen in weddings. These jewelry gives the exquisite look in gracious manner and stands out on the suave grooms.

4. The Mighty Pearls:

The strands of pearls is bound to do full justice to any groom wear – be it embroidered, embellished, floral or even monotone. The pearl necklace gives that comfort and makes groom instantly classy by enhancing look to a very different level!

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Sakia Ethnik Treasures

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