Story of my Kanjeevaram: Gold and Beautiful

Hello Sugarplums <3 You all had recently read my 5th anniversary Lehenga story. With so many requests showing interest to know about my kanjeevaram saree that I wore for 5th Anniv pooja ceremony, I have a post now for you all. So lets not wait any longer and get straight in to the deets!

Woven with silk and gold cloth a South Indian wedding is incomplete without the bride wearing a Kanjeevaram silk. There is nothing more elegant than a beautifully draped Kanjeevaram sarees paired with the perfect jewels! Ever since I’ve fallen in love with them, I’ve saved a million pictures of Kanjeevaram sarees for either my own inspiration or just to drool over them! Every south indian bride dreams to have the perfect Kanjeevaram for her big day !! Every saree is beautiful in its own way, but the one I was looking, became a nightmare to find.

I am not good at saree selection. It has always been my mom, who takes care of all my sarees. Who could be the right person to shop for me for my Big Day other than my mom. I don't trust any one except my mom with my traditional clothing. She has been my rock throughout these years. So she will be the right judge to find a perfect kanjeevaram for my big day.

My mom and me have been looking for months to find the right saree. The shopping began at some of the local boutiques in Vijayawada and Hyderabad like Kalpavrush, Mandir, Kalanjali.....etc. My mom covered local shops and I covered some online boutiques like tulasi silks, but not really the statement pieces. we looked through more than 100 sarees in shades of gold, saffron, pink, yellow and red but couldn’t find that special one among them. My mom is too picky when it comes to clothing. It is almost impossible to impress my mom, mainly when it comes to sarees. She has very unique taste and I have no right to interfere when she is in-charge. I agree with her! as I wanted to look and feel in a certain way that I imagined. On the other hand, I had grown up seeing my grand mother clad in rich and bright kanjeevarams that she would drape elegantly to every occasion, so neat that I would stare at its symmetry in awe. I wanted my bridal saree to make me revisit these little stories. I wanted that every time I wore my saree, or even looked at it after my Big Day, these memories should flash back. As the search went on, my mom flew down to kanchi to be in the ultimate paradise of kanjeevaram sarees and spent two days hoping she might find something, but to my dismay, she liked nothing! Some of my mom friends, went to North India during that time and she requested them to shop for me. They tried to send pictures of some beautiful collection there but I didn't get the spark!!

I went to India in July last year for a week, and we both were going through my wedding albums and were discussing about how I lucky we were to find some good sarees during my wedding and how elegant I looked. When I gave it a closer look, I saw my engagement saree which was still my favorite of all till date ofcourse! I instantly asked my mom to bring it from the closet and show me. It was packed so carefully, dry cleaned and wrapped in muslin cloth. I unpacked and spread it wide open over the bed, and I think that's when I had an epiphany! I knew right at the moment that I would be wearing my wedding saree to my 5th wedding anniversary. It was original Kanchi pattu saree, with gold zari throughout giving that elegant shine and having lotus flowers in different subtle colors spread all around. It was just the perfect mix shades of gold, saffron, pink and yellow. Even though the gold is the domination it would be ideal for the diamond jewelry that I planned to wear on my Big Day.

The real challenge however, was how would I fashion this six yard elegance with new standards. There I came up with an idea of having custom blouse and a stole.

I saw a blouse pattern few month before which I fell in love that has the ultimate traditional touch with lakshmi devi figure on backside of the blouse. The designer who made this blouse is famous for his traditional work. And I made custom order online in yellow color and shoulder length sleeves with intricate work. I should say again and again the lakshmi devi work on the blouse is divine.... I was euphoric and couldn't wait any longer to wear it.

Modern brides wearing veil during their weddings, so there I thought why not me add a little drama to my attire and so I came up with the idea of having a stole. I hired a saree draper just to have the perfect draping which she did an excellent job, requested her to include stole in my attire. so we decided, Instead of leaving it on one hand, we pulled the back end to front and pinned it to my saree pleats in the front. and there the complete constructive work of saree is done to perfection.

Memories were re-written once again with my own 5year old Kanjeevaram!!!

Outfit Details:

Saree from Kanchi

Price: 2500 USD / 1.5 Lakhs Rupees

Blouse by Shravan's Studio

Price: 555 USD / 35K Rupees

Stole by Evolve The Fashion Studio

Thanks for reading lovelies <3

Love u all XOXO <3:-*