My 5th Anniv Reception Dress Story :: Bright and Floral

Hello my sugarplums <3. Today I am here to say a story about my 5th Anniv Reception dress. Hope you all like going through the details of it.

Here you go.......

If you’re like me, you love watching these TV wedding dress shows like Say Yes to the Dress, Four Weddings, I Found the Gown on TLC channel. I’m always fascinated with what goes into the decision of what to wear on the Big Day. You all know by now I just celebrated my fairytale 5th anniversary and so here I’m sharing my Reception dress story with you all today!

Everyone approaches their Big Day differently. For me, this was a time to splurge and not let “budget” be an influence because this is something I have been dreaming from years! And ultimately my top priority was to make amazing memories, so I wanted to feel princess yet comfortable in what I was wearing and never let a moment be wasted during The Day.

I was pretty sure and shortlisted two designers that I was spell-bounded and dreaming from the day I cognizance them. Right after my weddings, I realized how naive I was not to learn about these designers. And hence it was always these two that has been spinning my mind.

It was very hard for me to pick one from these two designers. Because both are my top favorites and I cannot ditch one. Thus I decided to buy Lehenga from one designer and Saree from another.

But I am sharing with you my Lehenga story today!!

I started my outfit journey 8 months before my Big Day (Oct 2017) by checking online stores like Aashniandco, Azafashions, Kalkifashion, Perniaspopupstore, Coutureyard etc... but couldn't find the satisfied one. I was lucky that couple of my friends already bought their reception dresses from this designer. My close friend was kind enough to give me the designer's assistant contact and the first thing I did was, whatsapp the assistant. A million dollar happiness I got when the designer's assistant replied to me saying 'how can I help you'. For the next 2 months I have been eating the assistant brain by changing the designs as I couldn't settle down to one particular design.

I was basically looking for,

1. Unique intricate work

2. Red color

3. Hint of pink

4. Florals

5. Big borders

The designer's assistant made me talk to The Designer to help me with my confusions. Being such an epitome and well versed wedding designer, she was very friendly, sweet and walked me through all the possibilities and made me to decide on this beautiful ensemble.

I went for red color bottom with large pink ombre border with heavy zardosi intricate work and rest of the bottom in floral half moon pattern with heavy stones, kundans and zardosi work all around. Opted for pink blouse which compliments the bottom border with semi sleeves and intricate detailing all over it. Well everything I visioned is going so perfect, what about the floral print? So there I choose the floral dupatta that married the whole outfit in to a statement piece. Moon shaped cutwork along the edges of dupatta was the added beauty for the attire.

I finalized the outfit design hmm by mid of April I guess, I knowwww I took tooo long but it was worth the wait! Everything was going according to the plan and they started working on my outfit. I know and I trust the designer but when I am spending $$$$ my heart keep pounding once in a while thinking how will it turn out. Luckily, I had to go to India for a week during mid of July and in the given time, I managed to visit the designer store in Hyderabad and by then my lehenga bottom and dupatta were done. OMG, I have no words seeing the first look of my dress. I was awestruck, they just outdid my vision.

With minor improvements, the complete outfit was finished by mid of September and I received it in beginning of October. They did fragile shipment from India to USA which I had to pay $$$ and it was worth the money. The measurements, the design, the color, the work, the details are just outstanding as I wanted it to be and with no regrets I flaunted by Big Day in this beauty and I should say I SLAYED!!!! after all its my day :-)

Outfit details:

Lehenga by Anushree Reddy

Price: 4000 USD / 2.5 Lakhs (Incl. TAX)

Shipping fees: 325 USD / 20K rupees

Thank you so much lovelies for reading MY DRESS story

Until next time, Stay Loving!!

Love you all XOXO :-*