Saree Over Denim :: A Witty Idea!!

Hello lovely people!

I am here today with a fun idea - why not saree over denim? Blouse patterns are a whole lot to choose from. From traditional puff sleeve to fancy crop tops we have rocked them with all kinds of sarees. Here is yet another pattern which is actually an interesting choice. Still wondering what they are? Well they are denim blouses!!

Saree paired with denim blouse is an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary style. The traditional six yard icon of India that accentuates the body like no other has been added a little twist by the inclusion of denim tops instead of the traditional blouses.

Now, with what kind of sarees can you pair a denim blouses? The answer is very easy. A denim blouse pairs very well with almost all kind of sarees. If you are looking for a formal look then pair it with a linen or a cotton saree. It would give an edge. For fancy ensemble opt for a little funky top like those with ruffle sleeves to give a cool look. It doesn't need be a buttons up, full hand tops all the time. Try stuff like knotting your shirt and making it into a blouse or get sleeveless style blouse or off shoulders, the possibilities are endless. Add some accessories like neck chokers or belts to make it even more playful.

I always love to play with my clothes. Indian or western it must have a twist. I have 2 closets, actually 3 - Western, Indian and Donation lol. Of late my donation closet became my Indo-western. When I have to attend an Indian party/event, first thing I do is to go to my Indian closet, pick an item and then go to my western closet and try to find a match. I love to mix and match my clothes that makes me feel whimsical.

I have this feeling that people might stop inviting me to their parties due to my deconstructive way of wearing clothes :-p. Some of my super biased friends always praise me but I have that inner voice saying to me that I am the odd woman out in the pack :-D . Being said, you are always the better judge in choosing the right clothes for your body. So, just follow what ever your heart says and wear what ever it picks for any given day.

Hence today I have put together a Saree with 3 different denim top options. Full hands, Sleeveless and Ruffles.

Outfit Details:

All denim tops from H&M

Hope you enjoy the looks, see you in my next post. Until then stay beautiful <3

XOXO :-* <3 u all!