The Story of My First Christmas Tree

Hello lovelies <3 hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Couples with kids I am sure you guys might have the best Christmas but the single couples reminisced their childhood I guess <3. My husband and me had a fun filled Christmas with friends get together and irrespective of the cold weather we grilled :-D.

It was not our tradition to have a Christmas tree during Christmas back home. But due to my studies and travel I had to live in english countries where I grew found of Christmas and decorating the tree. My husband and me planning to get a tree from past 5 years which was never happened. Finally this year he made my wish true.

Every year we will have the productive discussion of what tree to get and where to place it but we ended up not having one. Due to some plans, work, travel, busy and laziness it got postponed every year. This year I was definitive and forced my self to shop a tree.

When choosing your Christmas tree, the first consideration is usually aesthetics. You look for a nice shape and color, and branches that can carry the weight of the ornaments. There was a choice between getting a white Christmas tree or a green one. Being Indians, we never really witnessed white trees in our area. Also as southerners, snow is a big deal for us. It was always bright sun, chill weather and faded trees. But after moving to USA, we saw beautiful snow during Christmas and fell in love with my first snow. There's our decision got stuck, whether to fetch a green tree or a white tree.

I am person that prefers traditional touch and there we decided to get a green tree. It is 6.5 ft long and comes pre-lit with lots and lots of tiny white lights I just adore! After all there is no Christmas with out lights. Hence, there it entered our house safe and sound. I love love love this tree! It has lots of beautiful and realistic needles, scope for good decorations, space for my longer ornaments to hang, trunk that is not too long to hide and budget friendly.

My husband told me that he will fix the tree and the decorations are all mine. Well I know for the fact, that's the fun part and why do I wanna miss it. So, there he fixed and I decorated it. If you like being colorful and sparkly then you will probably like my Christmas tree this year. It’s my version of Christmas tree with lots of Christmas colors… reds and greens and blues! And I’m adding my favorite touch of gold to keep those Christmas colors look fresh! The gold adds drama and class and a dash of sass!

I wanted my first year’s Christmas tree theme to be more on personal level! And so you will find hearts that flung across the tree. Instead of star I went for a heart shaped topper because it was my long awaited tree and I am crazily in love with it. The round ornaments are from Michaels (My trusted store). I got custom made Mr & Mrs Anne topper during our anniversary time so I wanted it to be on the tree. I placed my DIY monogramed hearts facing front and some red flowers spread all around the tree.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves <3

Outfit Details ::

Dress: Nordstrom

Thanks for reading lovelies!!

XOXO :-* <3 u all