End of Autumn :: In Pastels and Florals

Hello my beautiful people, hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Wherever you might be, hope you all enjoyed the delicious food and quality time with your loved ones!!

Last year my husband and me spent our Thanksgiving with our families and this year with our friends. We are very grateful to have lovely friends around, that we could able to spend happy time together.

This time of year, it will be so exciting to welcome the holiday season but equally depressing to see autumn ending. The evenings are getting cooler and the days shorter with falling leaves, wild winds, faded trees. We will be lucky to find a beautiful sunny day with less chill at this point. Unlike last year, this year Thanksgiving weather was very pleasant and people made some time out of their houses to savor the beauty of nature. Nature has its own beauty with faded trees and fallen leaves, they will shape the pictures perfect!! I submerged in the midst of disappearing autumn and lived my moment for sometime.

Outfit Details:

Saree: Anovi by Prabha and Arpana


Blouse: JayC Couture


Earrings: Indian Heritage

Belt: Amazon

While my blog focuses on fashion and often material stuff but I love connecting my posts with more on personal level.

Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays!!

XOXO <3 u all :-*