DIWALI :: Lights of Life

Hello lovely people, hope you all had a delightful and safe Diwali.

Diwali has always been my most favorite festival. People call it as the festival of lights well I call it as lights of life.

It was an year and half since we celebrated any festivals due to some rituals and when we heard back from home that we finally can rejoice this year, starting with my favorite festival I couldn't take a chance. My husband and me worked from home that day, he cleaned and I prepared and we both decorated the house and put up the prayers and offerings in the late evening with some friends around.

Halwa has always been our sweet for Diwali and dry fruit Bombay ice halwa is my specialty!! No big brainy I just learned it from YouTube.

I remember my grandmother used to remind me how much I loved celebrating Diwali with family and friends and how enthusiastic I used to be.

Diwali is always special to me because I share a childhood history with it.

Let me take you few years back, hmm wait, actually many many years back I think I was studying 7th grade. I memorized that I got ready in pretty pink silk dress (couldn't forget that day). I had my evening pooja with family and also my first round of fire crackers. It was 8 PM I guess we had dinner and I was checking on my father and grand father to get ready for another round of crackers. They weren't ready so I quietly sliped out and took a sparkle in one hand and placed it on a candle flame. I didn't realized there was another candle at my back and the fire caught my dress with in the blink of my eye. My grandfather who came out looking for me saw it immediately and stopped the fire with his hands. He saved my life and became a true hero. Incidents like these might have the future repulsion but I faced none cause no one ever stopped me playing with fire or scared me after. There is always the choice of giving up or moving forward, choose wisely and be brave. Then after I have been enjoying my every Diwali with family and friends which became my most favorite festival. Well I was never a sky rocket, bomb cracker person, I am always in to sparkles and flower pots but just love to have the sight of the light the tiniest sparkles that treat my eyes and became the lights of my life.

Outfit details ::

Lehenga :: JayC Couture


Jewelry :: Mortantra


Husband kurtha :: Mebaz

Thanks for reading!!

XOXO <3 u all :-*