A strong obsession for a six yard long

Hello my loves <3!!

Recently, I had a privilege to spend sometime with a beautiful lady who has an obsession with the 6 yards.

Born as a hindi, married a telugu and now the proud mother of a beautiful girl, she poised her life as a living example to all women. Her inspiring words, patient behavior, kind heart and a never fading smile makes her the most euphoric women in this generation.

Her love towards saree motivated me to come up with this post. Let's see what she has to say in her own words.

Monika says -

A strong obsession for a six yard long– that never goes out of style!!

I had tripped more than ten times, almost sprained my ankle and even murmured a few cuss words as I was walking towards the Mandap holding my father’s hand tightly. “You should really try the Silk Dhoti I am wearing” he had whispered in my ears and we had laughed hysterically. It was a Maroon Kanjeevaram Silk with Gold Zari work…….I never looked back since.

There is really no rule in fashion other than “if it works for you, then it works for you”. And there is one thing that has always worked for me is a six yard long miracle – grace, elegance, power and sensuality wrapped together in one piece. Anywhere, anytime, any occasion – Traditional events, casual sunday afternoons with friends, cocktail dinners or date nights.. It represents conformity in a very rebellious way, and any modern woman can identify herself with that.

I do not have any fashion preference per say, but I have one styling rule “less is more” – while accessorizing with saree. A (borderline) minimalist!! Bold lip color OR a dramatic eye make-up, a heavy saree OR a glamorous blouse, big earrings OR chunky necklace – I can handle only one at a time. And that’s where the sweet spot of balancing comfort and fashion lies for me. And talking about comfort - my obsession is just tenfold more towards hand-woven fabric, from soft cotton to smooth & shiny silk, delicate chikankari to hand-painted bold designs.

Saree is one outfit that does absolute justice to any woman, complimenting seamlessly the softness of her skin, smoothness of her curves, luster in her hair and twinkle in her eyes. What other accessories she can possibly need?

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory” - An advice from my favorite designer, the one and only Coco Chanel. And I follow it religiously when I drape myself with that fine piece of joy, class & elegance, there just cannot be anything else overpowering my precious obsession…….

Thanks for reading :-* !!

XOXO <3 u all