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Writing about travel is not my forte, because it always has me indulged with too many thoughts rolling around in my head and trying to figure out a good method to organize them.

We group of friends recently visited Las Vegas and during the stay there we had a chance to visit few places in Arizona.

Page, Arizona is famous for its amazing natural beauty including Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell and more rock formations consistent with the Grand Canyon

Antelope Canyon:

There are Upper, Lower and Canyon X antelope canyon but due to the time constraint we decided to do Canyon X tour which is located at East of Page, Arizona

Antelope canyon X are called slot canyons because they are much taller than they are wide, and are formed by years and years of wind and rains eroding the rocks. We were in awe as we saw our first glimpse. This tour takes everyone into two different slot canyons. We walked through the first canyon and then retraced our steps and walked through the second one. Even the trek between the two was beautiful. As the sun crossed through the sky over the canyon, we saw the canyon in different lights and shadows. We stopped many times along the walk, taking photos and listening to our guide describe certain formations.

We all tried our best to capture the beauty of these canyons through panoramic settings and depth effects. Our guide was very happy to assist us with camera, cellphones attempt to capture the best possible photos. It is also absolutely forbidden to take this tour without a guide or tour operator.

Horseshoe Bend:

Horseshoe Bend is located about 20 mins from Antelope Canyons in Page, Arizona.

It was really a sunny afternoon by the time we reach and it was a mile deep inside to see the actually bend. We almost gave up but determined to walk and finally we reached there.

Horseshoe Bend features a 270 degree curved view of the Colorado River. The river flows from the right side of your view, completely around the bend, and exits to the left. The absolutely stunning views are so majestic they almost seem fake, and seeing the view in person is the best way to take in the full beauty of Horseshoe Bend. The orange rocks reflect Jurassic age which looks fake but trust me it is so real.

It’s truly a miraculous vision worth seeing at least once in life time.

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