A wacky and buoyant birthday part 2

Hi my loves <3. Excited for long weekend? Wish you all a fun filled happy weekend!

August has always been my favorite month of the year not just because its my birthday month! Well honestly its because of my birthday month :-p hahaha.

Unlike any party we ever did or went before, I wanted my birthday to be Bang On. So we had a theme for this year - Party wild, serve chilled and be thrilled.

On this note, I was researching for quite a while to find a perfect place for my birthday. Well I know I want it to be rustic and outdoor. So I narrowed it down to one venue which was a Winery.

No one will have a clue how many wineries my husband and me checked out and every time something or other disappointed us. We used to do winery hopping and also extended our radius to find something that is almost exact to my imagination.

It was gloomy on that day, we entered a quary road and saw this "Veramar Vineyard" board and we felt like checking it out. We parked our car, went inside and OMG we were awestruck by the beauty and the views this winery offered. Such a charming enormous vineyard which almost took my breath away. There we went inside to inquire about this place. Praise god, this place we can completely customize to our liking and the management was extremely friendly and helpful.

Finally found the one place I was waiting for so long. Now its time to discuss the decorations! I don't want to over board with decorations this time, but had this one long table where we all sat next to each other and had happy talks together. I had china as dinnerware for my table setting and some floral centerpieces. For the cake table I opted two empty wine barrels with a wood on the top where we arranged the cake n other decoration that goes along. It was a perfect evening with lovely weather and beautiful guests. I was really fortunate to celebrate my birthday at this place with equally crazy group of friends which went memorable.

Here are some of the pics that I adored from the party.

Outfit details :

Skirt n top: papadontpreach by shubhika


Shoes: Alice in the wonder land shoes by Disney

Earrings: moda operandi

Handbag: Gucci

Husband Outfit details:

Shirt : Burberry

Pant: Zara

Watch: Gucci

Thanks for reading!

XOXO <3 u all!