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With me surfing in busyness Here I am with Frosting N Fashion favorite Indian fashion designers that created revolution in fashion for recent generations.

The list should be more but for this month I am reviewing top 10 favorites whose styles are for a self-determining woman who is sophisticated, elegant, glamoros, chic and embraces femininity in fashion.

The designers I blogged here are upscale but true inspiration to fashion world. Long live fashion!

1. Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra’s label is synonymous with opulent, contemporary Indian wear. His intension has been to create glamorous ensembles with Indian tradition, colors, textures, embroideries and craftsmanship.

He redefined fashion in a language profuse with elegance, ultra-femininity and unapologetic glamour. Label MANISH MALHOTRA offers Bridal, Couture and Diffusion collections for women also offers an extensive selection of impeccably cut and tailored ensembles for men.

His incredible talents is not only a fashion feast but also humanitarian by nature. He stood India’s top most and famous clothing designer for decades.

Price range: A simple anarkalis might start from 30K rupees (500 USD) and lehengas will start from 3lakh rupees (4500 USD) and goes up for his contemporary and bridal collections.

Online sites:

Here are some of his works that stood top notch in Indian fashion history.

2. Sabyasachi

Sabyasachi Mukherjee, an Indian epitome gave soul to Indian clothing. A sophisticated, poised, well balanced and self-esteem yet with modern touch is what he is giving to Indian women. His profound inspiration/creations evoke images of ancient and medieval ages.

His eponymous label uses unusual fabrics, texturing and detailing, fusion of styles, and patch-work with floral and embellishments in a vibrant colors. He pioneered the use of Indian textiles in a modern context. He describes his own collections as "an International styling with an Indian soul".

The signature style beings the originality and truthfulness to fabric by stunningly crafted bridal wear and perfectly structured western statements.

Price range: A floral print embroidered sarees starts from 70K rupees (around 1100 USD), lehengas from 2 lakh rupees (around 3500 USD), anarkalis from 3lakh rupees (around 4500 USD) and goes up for more embellished and hand crafted works.

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Let’s see some of the statement pieces that needs no further explanation.

3. Gaurav Guptha

Gaurav Guptha, an ushering modern designer who brought three- dimensional (3D) in to clothing by bridging contradictory worlds, made him most swiftly recognized name in Indian fashion. His aesthetic sensibility is acknowledged for being groundbreaking in terms of its distinct garment construction and untampered experimentation with form and fabric.

He is called as the ruler of experimental couture. He plays with layering, intricate embroidery and flowering fabrics. Fantasy and its figments have always been the main plot of his designs.

His line is the first to create unstructured silhouette gowns and took this to whole next level with his new Moon Dust collection inspired by nature, forest, almost like a parallel world which is happening on the moon in a fairy tale way.

Price range: A simple saree gown starts from 50K rupees (around 800 USD) and goes on for bridal couture saree lehengas starts from 3lakh rupees (around 4500 USD).

Online Stores:

Here are some of his outstanding creations

4. Anamika Khanna

Anamika Khanna, best known for her eponymous label who has blended traditional Indian textiles and techniques with western silhouette and tailoring. She is the first Indian designer to have an International label. Her take on Indian clothing incorporates style influences from all over the world. Her capes, her dhoti pants and her jackets have brought about a whole new wave of modern Indian style.

She has set a new trend through her draped saris. She is well-known for introducing the tulip drape, the wavy drape, and the two-pallu-in-dhoti drape. She is the first Indian designer to bring dothi style in to lime light. She is an inspiration to all the younger generation women who want to pursue fashion designing.

Prices range: A simple caped style dress starts from 40K rupees (around 700 USD) , dothi styles from 70K rupees ( around 1100 USD) and goes up to extremely rich bridal wear starts from 2lakh rupees (around 3500 USD)

Online Stores:

5. Manish Arora

Manish Arora is one of the most celebrated and inspiring contemporary designers in the fashion world today. He is known for a rich palette of psychedelic colors such as his trademark palette of pink, gold and kitsch motifs in garments that combine traditional Indian crafts like embroidery, applique and beading with western silhouettes.

He indulges in fantasy ornamentation and plays with bold, colorful and innovative designs that can make anyone go crazy about him. His clothes speaks of wearing happiness on the body than being happy. His work reflect some French fusion as he worked as a creative director for French fashion. He is a trade mark to veritable firework display of designs in his clothes and jewelry.

Here are some of his versatile collection

Price range: His astonishing embellished skirts will start from 5lakh rupees (around 8500 USD). Indian by Manish Arora is affordable range of his collection where the price starts from lower 30K rupees to upper 70K to 1Lakh rupees.

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6. Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla the 'kings of bling' in Indian couture infused Indian craftsmanship and textile heritage with European tailored silhouette. The Label ASAL (which means Real) clothes are a unique meld, using the finest fabrics as a canvas, which comes alive with exquisite embroideries and intricate embellishments to create what have been described as modern masterpieces.

Their focus has always been the woman. One who expects and deserves unparalleled quality and impossibly feminine. Their main focus on detailing like one-shoulder pallu-style trains and shisha mirror-work embroideries, along with colors and motifs inspired by Kilim carpets.

They believe "Design isn't a profession. It is the stuff that flows through your veins."

Price range: Mirror work embroideries start from 70k rupees (around 1100 USD) and goes up to rich bridal wear starts from 4lakh rupees (around 6500 USD). The European touch sarees/blouses and dresses varies from 1lakh rupees to 3lakh rupees.

Online stores:

7. Shivan Narresh

Shivan Narresh is the India’s first luxury swimwear brand with bold, confidant and sophisticated styles. The brand has created diverse range of clothes that suit an international palette with roots. The brand takes pride in its Indian cultural ethos through its modest cuts, bold usage of color epitomize the brands vision from swimsuits to bridal wear.

The label introduced Gold waterlily skein work on dresses, lehengas and sarees took fashion to next level with their uniqueness in work and make modern women go crazy on the collection.

Price range: A skein work dresses start from 50K rupees (around 800 USD) and the bridal wear goes up to 4lakh rupees (around 5000 USD)

Online stores:

8. Gauri and Nainika

Guari and Nainika celebrate and embrace structured silhouettes and prints in upstream femininity which is the essence of the label. An eveningwear brand with styles ranging from cocktail dresses to elaborate bespoke gowns, the label offers glamorous, elegant and chic clothing for a perfect occasion. They are famous for their westernized styles from semi-formal to demi couture with a strong focus on fabrics, cuts and color to designs in the shape of flattering silhouettes.

The label caters to those who like to dress with a sense of occasion. The styles are for a self-determining woman who is sophisticated, elegant and embraces femininity in fashion.

Price range: A structured dress starts at the range of 30k rupees (around 500 USD) and goes up to deconstructed formal gowns around 1.5lakh rupees (around 2200 USD)

Online stores:

9. Sonaakshi Raaj

Sonaakshi Raaj, the label made revolution with saree gowns laid niche in fashion industry. She is the first few designers to bring new trend in the market, which instantly caught immense popularity as it is a perfect blend to the culture and western trends. Her clothing line is synonymous with opulence. With an intention to create glamorous ensembles catering to women’s couture wear, it renders to style that are luxurious yet understated. The label is a young fresh take on Indian couture.

The collection is inspired from free-spirited women of today who is willing to blend fashion in their day to day life. Pristine glamour and elegance combine to make a dramatic entry with show stopping saree gowns is the label specialty.

Price range: A simple flowy gowns start from 20K rupees (around 400 USD) and the label saree gowns starts from 60k (around 1000 USD) and goes up to 2Lakh rupees (around 3000 USD)

Online stores:


10. Papa Don’t Preach by Shubhika

Shubhika Davda, an experimental designer created sensation in fashion industry with her fun, magic, young collection not only clothing but also accessories, shoes and handbags. The label is striking example of fashion gone ferociously creative with the use of innovative cuts, styles, embroidery techniques and play of colors. The collection is true to its aesthetics and design ideology and it expresses wonderment and the feeling of ecstasy that a girl in young love experiences.

The labels designs for a girl, a women, a lady who is adventurous, fun loving, proudly individualistic and fearless mainly for those who prefers drama over comfort. She dresses for unpredictably predictable women to bring the real play of the fashion. Her collection is as delicious as a perfect dish and anyone can’t just have one.

Price range: fun dresses start from 40K rupees (around 700K) , Anarkalis start from 60K rupees (around 1000 USD) and the bridal couture starts from 1.5lakh rupees (2000 USD) and goes up for any customizations.

Online stores:

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