Indulged Birthday Part 1 :: Deep blue & Tuxedo

Hello my lovely people <3

Birthdays are so much fun to celebrate when you are with the right person and bunch of good friends. Girls are always the most pampered than any living being. Well they deserve that attention as they are also the most beautiful god creation on planet earth ;-)

I am lucky enough to get equal pampering and attention during my birthdays which makes me excited and happy. This year would be my 5th birthday celebration with this man after our lovely wed lock. I am eager and excited to see what he has for me in his santa bag <3.

Part 2 will be continued after I am completely indulged with presents and surprises.

Thanks to Junne Couture for giving me this Balmain inspired look by designing this dress for me. A dream come true moment <3


:: Outfit ::

Saree gown: Junne Couture