A Pink Affair :: Tie die saree with fringes

Hello my lovely people <3

Saree, a traditional outfit which is widely regarded as symbol of grace in cultures of Incredible India. Modern take on sarees have millions of designs and wide range of draping style yet an uncompromising grace.

Pink is always on top of my palette and I feel a women can embrace her true beauty in pink color. I played around with a tie die pink color saree, a modern creation from Issa Design Studio.

I fell in love with the fringes at the end of the saree and embellished top, traditionally called as blouse. The smooth material falls on the body made draping super easy. Their attention to detailing, color coordination and the quality of the material they used for the outfit is outstanding. Paired with floral and embellished earrings took away the whole look to next level.

:: Outfit ::

Saree: Issa Design Studio